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About Us

Raffi Bilek, MSW

Raffi works with couples and families to help change negative patterns and repair, restore, and revitalize relationships. He also helps with sticky issues like infidelity, in-laws, and managing difficult family members.


His hobbies include saving marriages, Scrabble, and volleyball. (He's not great at volleyball, but pretty awesome at the other two.)

International Association of Professional Relationship Coaches

Caitlin Bilek, MS

Caitlin is married to Raffi and can attest that he is great at marriage and family, but contends that it's primarily because of her.


Caitlin loves working with individuals and familes to help them achieve clarity and connection. She does wonders with individuals in difficult relationships, adult children and their parents, and other people just wanting to connect.


Her interests include yoga, camping, and drinking tea in a quiet room.



Reach your goals like never before. Shore up your personal growth, your career, and your relationships!


Make your relationship the best it can be. Don't let communication problems or feelings of disconnection ruin the most important relationship in your life!


You only get one family. Keep yours together with guidance and coaching from a professional. You don't need to accept family estrangement as the norm!